Si Jantung haTi

Sunday, October 23, 2011

bEcAusE oF yOu!

 bEcauSe oF yOu i'm sAd
bEcauSe oF yOu i'm stRonG..
bEcauSe oF i fEeL lIke thEre iS nO whEre,wHere i tRUly bElonG
yOu did thiS tO mE thEn and it still haunts mE nOw.
eVery dAy i wAkE uP and rEmembEr eVery fOuL.
thEse thOughts will always stay;nEver will thEy gO
i will lIve on,bUt mY sELf i will nOt shOw

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